This month, hundreds of podcast hosts and publishers are participating in an awareness campaign called Trypod. They’re inviting fans of their shows to introduce podcasts to someone who doesn’t already listen, and to share their results and recommendations through the hashtag #trypod.

I happen to love podcasts. I’m currently subscribed to 20 and constantly adding new ones. My personal tastes run the gamut from contemporary radio dramas like Welcome to Night Vale to investigative journalism series such as Serial. Not surprisingly, I listen to a lot of marketing and business podcasts, and those are what I want to share with you.

In the spirit of Trypod, here are five podcasts I think every channel marketer should be listening to:

The Sophisticated Marketer’s Podcast. Hosted by Jason A. Miller, LinkedIn’s Global Content Marketing Leader, best-selling author of Welcome to the Funnel and super-fan of all things rock ‘n’ roll. The show features expert guests from across the marketing spectrum and covers all things B2B marketing. Plus guitar riffs and laser beams. Enjoy.

Unthinkable | Be the exception. Jay Acunzo has created a show for the creators. If you are a writer or artist working in marketing, this is the show for you. Each episode tackles big questions behind creativity and business. It’s a wonderful reminder that great marketing is as much craft as strategy.

Copyblogger FM. This is an essential for content marketers. Hosted by Sonia Simone, Chief Content Officer at Rainmaker Digital, this short, weekly round-up of content marketing news, disasters, emerging trends, new platforms and best practices.

The Unpodcast. Scott Stratten and Allison Kramer host this weekly podcast featuring stories of marketing, customer service, branding and other business wins and fails. The couple’s back-and-forth exchanges are hilarious and refreshingly authentic, and the stories and lessons they share are real and relevant.

Reply All. I’ll warn you that Reply All isn’t for everyone, as the language can be explicit. But, if you are fascinated by stories of technology, how the internet has changed our culture and how innovations like AI are shaping its future, then I think you’ll love this podcast. And if you can answer “Yes” to one of Alex and PJ’s Yes/Yes/No segments, please drop me a line. Because you are awesome.

Share some podcast love back! What podcasts do you listen to and want to recommend? Does your company use podcasts in its content marketing?